Consulting Company Co-Founder


Kolaborasi dalam bisnis konsultan and agency

What problem do you want to solve with collaboration? 

Kami ingin menciptakan sebuah kolaborasi baru dengan muda mudi indonesia untuk membentuk sebuah consulting company yang mampu membantu pengusaha-pengusaha di Indonesia.

Personal Background:

  • Bernhart Farras Sukandar
  • Age: 22 Tahun
  • Location: Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Collaboration Background:

  • Co-Founder at unknown consulting company
  • Collaboration Team: –
  • Collaboration Location: Indonesia
  • Collaboration SWOT: –



  • Stage: Idea
  • Duration: Timeless
  • Percentage: 50%


  • How many people do you need? 30
  • What is his/her role? Co-founder
  • What kind of people that you need?
  1. Making Content (10): Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Animation, Voice Over, Sound Effect, Written
  2. Event (20)
  • What do you offer? Shares
Follow Bernhart Farras Sukandar:

Founder & President HartLogic

A person, born in 1995 who desire to make improvements for Indonesia, always learn to share, and in process of mastering hone sincerity. Growing up in multiple cities in Indonesia, studying in Indonesia, Australia & Germany, working in multiple cities in Indonesia & Germany. The fact that I’ve been living in different places with different environments gives me cultural knowledge, international mindset, and broader knowledge. I love culture, traditional language, and tourism in Indonesia #LoveIndonesia. My hobbies are watching movies, playing music (piano & guitar), playing strategy games, archery, basketball, writing & producing videos.

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