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Enable the Disable

Only 2.000 of 3.78 million blind people can access the book and the number of books in the form of Braille and audiobook that number is very low because production is expensive and limited. HartLogic Insights contribute reading access for visually impaired people. If you know a community or foundation of people with disability, let us know.

Readers create more insights

Let’s improve reading culture for the next generation.

School and University

Bring HartLogic for People to your school and University. Engage students and teachers to create and share content by licensing HartLogic for People.

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Spark learning & creativity in your workforce with curated HartLogic for People playlists. Engage busy professionals with modern, innovative learning content by licensing HartLogic Insights.

Make the journey better with HartLogic

Bring HartLogic Discover to your passengers in the air, at sea or on the road.

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