Feels disorganized? We have your solution. HartLogic is experienced to organize training, education, workshop, and seminar since 2015 and we can help you to organize yours.

  • Our event planning packages include several consultations as well as day-of event coordination.
  • A full-service event planner should work with the host to research and refer vendors to provide the venue, decor, menu and entertainment. Additional services may vary between vendors. For instance, Austin-based company The Simplifiers says its corporate event planning services include risk management, working with keynote speakers, coordinating registration, negotiating group hotel rates and creating a day-of timeline, among other tasks. When working with hourly event planners, it’s important to communicate expectations so both parties know what tasks will be completed.
  • Following the host’s budget, the planner should negotiate vendor fees and contracts, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. We charge a percentage of the budget do not have an incentive to negotiate lower rates with vendors. If budget is a concern, this should be communicated up front.

We charge our customer Fees Based on Percentage of Expenses Plus Flat Fee/Hourly Rate

  • Planning fee: 10-20% from total expenses estimate.
  • Hourly fee (on site): IDR 550.000 /hour.
  • Flat fee: will be given if the event needs special request.

For example, the assignment is to organize two private dinners and a workshop, each with 4 guests. The total cost for these combined events run approximately IDR 2.000.000, but it requires about 5 hours of organizer time (on site). The following calculations:

  • Planning fee: IDR 2.000.000 x 10% = IDR 200.000
  • Hourly fee: IDR 550.000 x 5 = IDR 2.750.000
  • Subtotal of expenses: IDR 2.950.000

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