• Tingkatkan Pendaftaran
  • Kehadiran Online
  • Akun aman dengan MD5 hash
  • Sistem ticketing real-time
  • Sistem pelaporan otomatis dengan IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Layanan dapat di akses 24/7
  • The ticket buying experience – a fast purchase experience will convert casual interest to committed attendees.
  • Fast escrow– with max.5 days shares transfer to your bank account.
  • Access – a self-service platform will empower you to make the changes you need when you need.
  • Data – automated, customizable ways to sort your data so that you can better your business strategy.
  • Promotion – complement your promotional activities — from increasing visibility through SEO and social sharing to ensuring emails are engaging your attendees.
  • Trust & Security – you can trust us as your promoter with your customers’ information and your reputation. We use encryption (MD5 hash) for every account that registered at our website.
  • Certificate (optional) – we could help you to design, print, and distribute your event certificate.
  • At-Event Solutions (optional) – provide the knowledge and technology to streamline your entry process.
  • Premium Support (optional) – prioritize your support at all hours, in all stages of your event.

Registrasi nol rupiah. Jika harga tiket di bawah IDR 100.000 maka biaya pemasaran akan menjadi Rp 20.000 per tiket.

  1. Single channel: 5% dari harga jual tiket. Seluruh tiket melalui platform HartLogic.
  2. Single channel with distribution: (5% untuk HartLogic + persenan untuk ticketing partner lain) dari harga jual tiket. Seluruh tiket melalui platform HartLogic dan kami akan menyalurkan juga ke channel ticketing partner kami yang telah disetujui oleh Anda.
  3. Multi channel: 15% dari harga jual tiket digunakan untuk pemasaran, administrasi, dan biaya operasional situs web kami dan sebagian juga masuk ke gateway pemrosesan pembayaran seperti biaya kartu kredit. Dan kami hanya mengenakan biaya jika kami menemukan Anda seorang peserta.

Terima kasih telah mempertimbangkan HartLogic sebagai mitra Anda untuk mengurus tiket acara Anda. Mohon luangkan waktu Anda untuk membaca hal berikut dengan seksama:

  1. By applying this you will be responsible as the host/organizer to make sure on an actual day.
  2. When approved, you are not allowed to cancel or make changes to your class. Kindly email if required (cs@hartlogic.id)
  3. Unless you are a premium partner, the administration charges per ticket sold through www.hartlogic.id are 15% of the sale price.
  4. Unless you are a premium partner, any promotion through our other social media such as Instagram and Facebook will be chargeable.
  5. You are not allowed to publish your class elsewhere with a price lower than in the display on HartLogic. Anyone found doing will be blacklisted from HartLogic.
  6. There will be penalty charges if you cancel the workshop 1 day before the actual day. The charges will be up to the value of 1 ticket price.

About you

About Organization

About Event

Where do you usually conduct the event?

Note: If you don't have any venue, please put 'None' in the each box for question number 10 and checklist the box for 'Venue' in the question number 12.

Note: If you don't have any talent(s), please put 'None' in the box above and checklist the box for 'Sharer' in the next question.

Jika Anda sudah bekerjasama dengan kami, kunjungi https://org.hartlogic.com/knowledge-base/how-to-create-manage-event-at-hartlogic-events/ untuk membaca instruksi.